Leafcare is registered trademark and its all organic products made by 3rd party certified organic manufacture in India.
The Mfg Khandige Organic located at Bangalore, India is dedicated to provide with finest quality authentic Organic Ayurveda and Wellness Products made using potent herbs which are sourced from their own land and other certified organic suppliers.
Today Mfg Company owns four large estates amounting to over thousands of acres land holding, numerous farms and fully certified manufacturing facilities producing and marketing certified organic products in India.
Most of important herbs and other ingredients used in the preparation of LEAFCARE brand cultivated in Mfg company owned land to ensure high standard of purity.
The Mfg facility located at Bangalore, India is fully equipped with unique blend of state-of-the-art machinery and staff who are trained in traditional method to produce best quality of certified organic products without any contamination or adulteration by chemicals and toxins.
The Mfg facility is airy, cleaned and adhere to international standards and production staff take extreme care to ensure the purity of work and to retain pristine quality of the ingredients as nature intended.

The internationally accredited certification process is extremely stringent and covers all the aspects of organic farming and production of organic product including packing methods, storage of raw materials and finished goods to prevent mixing with conventional products that might also be used. Mfg company is GMP certified and certified as organic by LACON QUALITY CERTIFATION (P) LTD. Herbs produce according to NPOP standards and NOP/USDA & EC regulation 834/2007 and 889/2008 (EU). Lacon Certificate No. IN-45820.

Anandpura is small town near Shimoga district in Karnataka where Mfg Facility has certified organic Plantation called Manavi.
The Plantation spans 58 acres and had tropical climate with Hot Summer (Max 34 degree Celsius) and moderate winter (Min 20 degree Celsius) with rainfall between month of June to September. This farm is focused on Organic Spices and herbs like Brahmi, Gotukola, Pippali etc. and Rare tree including Flame of Forest, Rosewood, Arjuna etc.
The Mfg estates spread across 1000 acres is located in Surimalai Hills, an isolated group of hills in the Dindigul district of Tamilnadu drained by three rivers of which two are perennial which flow through Mfg estate before flowering into the plants as a series of waterfalls. The region received average 120 to 132 cm rains during the month of October to December. Surrounded by around 20 to 30 thousand of reserve forest this estate has natural wealth of flora and fauna. particularly medical plants which has been left primary untouched